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Igduden n Tefriqt

Asebter n wermas | Amawal | Ibambaraten | Idyulaten | Inubiyen | Itubuten | Isallen ghef umeskar | Assaghen igerrzen | Arut-iyi-d


Amawal n tmazight tatrart d ayen ay ilaq ad ten-id-nessers deg wemd'iq-agi i wakken ad n‚iwen imeghriyen-nnegh ad fehmen kra n wawalen d yed'risen.

On this home page, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for wanting a web site. I might put a picture of myself on this page...or just a picture that I especially like.

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

What's New?

Here I might add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. For example:

11/1/01 - Added new photos to Vacation Album page.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

Arut-agh-d gher :